We Made It!

We Made It!

We hit our goal! It’s been a wild few weeks since we launched the Pet Piano. After a year of development, testing with local shelters, and working alongside our own pets, it's been an incredible journey to see how quickly these cats and dogs have taken to the Pet Piano. It's been both nerve-wracking and thrilling to venture into product development after years on YouTube, wondering if this passion project would find its audience.

A particular highlight has been a video that my wife and our foster cat, Bobo, created. Over the weekend it unexpectedly became our most popular video ever—outperforming even the videos we spent months making. This feels like an important moment for us. A validation that there’s a real community of you out there that cares as much as I do about something as random as teaching your pet to play the piano.

This week, we hit our crowdfunding goal, giving us the push needed to begin manufacturing on a larger scale. We're eager to start this next phase and get Pet Pianos into more homes and shelters, helping give pets a reliable way to stay engaged, enriched, and fed.

And in more personal news, Bobo, the star of our breakthrough video, has found his forever home! We’re overjoyed to know he'll continue to play the piano and bring joy to his new family. I’ll do another post to keep you updated on how he’s doing.

Your support means the world to us, and we're just getting started. Here’s to more musical moments and milestone achievements together!

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